How did Kiki Minchin come into fruition?

I studied fine art at university and soon discovered my passion for accessories.

I was already known for my own unique collection of statement pieces! I made a big life changing decision and left university early to embark on a journey of designing my own range!!

How would you describe your jewellery in three words?

Edgy, Statement, Classic

What was the inspiration behind the Roxy Collection?

The Roxy was named after my last trip to New York City where I fell in love with the linear blocks and the art deco architecture.

When we (myself and my husband Oli) landed in NYC in late hours we were hit with the news of David Bowie’s passing. Our hotel in Soho was situated right across from his Lafayette Street Apartment. The press were out in their hundreds and fans in their thousands, flowers candles and photos were everywhere. The atmosphere of NYC was alive with memories of his songs and his iconic career. Watching footage on the news of his concerts and lifestyle, I was fascinated by his Glam Rock era and the iconic eclectic fashion figures of this time.

It was really important to me to bring some new and exciting designs, but keeping with the Kiki Minchin ethos and style. I wanted to design yet again timeless classics that can be worn all year round. So, with the contribution of New York’s linear layout, its architecture and its Bowie connection inspired me to design ‘The Roxy Collection’

These statement pieces take you from City Chic to Boho, from Concert to Party, from day to night. Wear them with your leather jacket, or your kaftan, anything goes.

The Roxy is fun and alive with the essence of the eclectic period which inspired its creation.

Do you have an all time favourite design?

I would have to say the stone crosses! I love the shape and look of them! They are one of our best sellers and I think they suit any outfit, and style as well as giving your look that extra edge! Having said that.. The Roxy Cage is a very close contender.

What are your plans for the future and where do you hope to see the brand going?

I hope to see the brand growing from strength to strength and becoming the go to accessory brand for edgy statement pieces across Europe and beyond.

In terms of the next collection! I don’t know when and what it will be which is super exciting! During the design process I am inspired by my surroundings and not by trends and seasons. There’s a lot of pressure for designers to constantly bring designs out for each season, but for me It’s really important to design from the heart and not from what is on trend that season. For me, you should be able to wear classic pieces all year round and for years to come without feeling ‘last season’ or ‘out of date.

Shop Kiki Minchin here 


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